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Leap has a positive history of exploring different approaches to evaluating personal and organisational learning . We use a selection of tools depending on the programme to assess what individuals and groups have learnt. Much of Leap’s most stimulating learning has come from a regular commitment to involving external evaluators. Independent and commissioned evaluations include:

Gangs and Territorialism, External Evaluator's Report
Prof. David Brotherton PhD, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York
December 2003

Investor in People Award Assessment
John Cross, Assessor, December 2003

Leading by Example, Young Mediators' Network
Mark Bitel for Partners in Evaluation, 2003

Charity Commission review, October 2002

Young Mediators’ Network Conference and organisational light touch inspection
Chris Nash, for Ofsted, Summer 2001

Evaluation of Tower Hamlets Conflict resolution project
Sally Inman, for Centre for Cross Curricular Studies, South Bank University, 2001

Linking and Empowering – Young Mediators’ Network
Mark Bitel, for Partners in Evaluation, 2001

Investor in People Award Assessment
Les Hewitson for Central TEC, December 2000

Finding Direction
Mark Bitel, for Charities Evaluation Service, 1998

Assessing the Leap/Alternatives to Violence Project
Sylvia Casale for City Parochial Foundation, 1997

Changing the Odds
Peter Mason for Sir John Cass’ Foundation, 1996

Evaluation of Feltham Leadership Workshops
Claire Russ, for Psychology Department, Feltham, 1995

Leap’s Training Courses
Dennis Kelly for DES, 1992