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About us

Since 1987, Leap has been:

  • Raising awareness of conflicts facing young people in the community.

  • Helping young people to find possible solutions to the issues they face.

  • Training adults who work with young people to confront conflict.

We work using challenging and well-supported interactive group work, and prioritise young people who are experiencing disadvantage and exclusion for places on our projects.

Each year about 2,400 young people and 500 adults participate directly in Leap’s programmes. Around 3,000 more young people are reached through network organisations and the professionals Leap has trained.

Leap is the only youth organisation with the explicit vision that the living processes of conflict resolution and mediation should lie at the heart of all personal and social education programmes for young people.

Leap stands for the ‘leap of creativity’, the ‘leap into the unknown’ and the ‘leap of change’ that we all have to make in confronting conflict.

"By addressing the causes of conflict and providing young people with tools to overcome conflict in their communities, Leap’s programmes are both ambitious and practical. The work has a long-term focus in terms of societal impact, but deals in the detailed methods for securing effective change where conflict begins"
- Ofsted inspector’s report, 2001