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"I can be a better mediator with what I've learnt."

-Participant at Young Mediators' Network Convention, March 2017


"By far the best course I have ever been on, it puts all other courses to shame"

-Adult Participant on Playing with Fire, 2016

"We noted in particular the charity's commitment to quality and the way in which it continually strives to improve the delivery of its aims and objectives. The passion and enthusiasm of all those involved in Leap is very apparent."
- Charity Commission review, October 2015

"An inspiring example of young people taking the lead”
- The Whitbread Young Partners Award

“The personal reflections and Chris Nash’s report were very interesting and we are delighted with the progress and the impact it seems to be making”
- John Naylor, Carnegie UK Trust

“Mediation is a life skill. I use the skills I have learnt all the time: at work, and at home. The training has given me confidence and I feel able to voice problems in a more assertive way”
- Martha Beale in MV Matters, June 2014

“If I’d done the workshop when I first came out of prison, I would never have come back”
- Young man in HMP Rochester after the Leadership course

“If there is a problem between the gangs we need to be able to resolve it amongst ourselves. Adults don’t need to get involved, but we do need the skills to be able to sort the conflict out.”
- Youth gang member

“I should use these experiences to allow myself not to be victimized again and not to victimize others because of the pain”
- Participant on Leadership course

“Congratulations on your remarkable achievement in organizing the session for year 7 pupils on conflict resolution. You showed extraordinary skills in organizing these pupils, inspiring them to express themselves and increasing their self-confidence. You also made them think!”
- Dennis Johnson, Ofsted inspector to year 10 students in Stepney Green School

“I woke up excited every morning, wanting to come and learn”
- Participant, Ignite course, 2014

"Thank you. I have found both 'Training for Trainers' and 'Playing with Fire' the most useful and inspiring training I have ever done"
- Participant evaluation sheet

“The trainers were clear, direct and fun”
- Youth Worker, New Horizon center

“Thank you for this wonderful book.. Best group work book I have read to date”
- On Making a Leap

“It is so rare to see a charity state its philosophy, then show it in such an excellent range of work”
- Long-standing donor