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Freelance trainers

Leap Confronting Conflict occasionally has places available for freelance trainers  in its training pool. Applicants need to:

  1. have experience of facilitating interactive, participatory and challenging training with both adults and young people.

  2. have developed skills in groupwork and applied drama techniques.

  3. have a background in a related field, e.g. youth work / theatre / youth arts / mediation / conflict resolution / personal development training / education.

  4. be committed to your own personal and professional development as a trainer.

  5. be committed to working in mixed sex, mixed race teams.

  6. have self employed tax status.

Experience of classroom management and working in schools would be an advantage. 

The amount of work on offer will depend on the kind of work we have available, and on your particular skills, abilities, experience and availability. Some of the freelancers currently in our pool work for us very frequently (i.e. a number of days per month), some less so (i.e. for a few days a year). 

If you would be interested in applying to join the pool of freelance trainers, please send a copy of your CV to jobs@leaplinx.com, or mail it to Leap Confronting Conflict, 8 Lennox Road , Finsbury Park, London, N4 3NW. We will keep in on file, and contact you when we are next recruiting. Thank you.