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Young Mediators' Network launches website

The young mediators' network website has now been launched at www.youngmediatorsnetwork.org. It provides users with information on ymn events and local youth mediation projects; a downloadable newsletter; surveys; young people's experiences of mediation and other features and sources of information.

The Young Mediators' Network residential convention

The ymn residential convention will be held on 18th-20th March 2005 in Woodrow House in Buckinghamshire - an exciting opportunity to take part in a residential convention organised by young people for young people trained in conflict resolution/mediation skills.

This weekend promises to be packed full of group activities, workshops, team building and training. Participants will stay at Woodrow High House in the Buckingham countryside, Woodrow is an old mansion that offers bunk style accommodation, large training and recreation spaces and even an indoor pool! The ymn will offer a full program of events and the chance to meet other like minded young people, share experiences and have fun!

For more information and details of how to book, visit the ymn website.