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Leap has an established track record of translating the experiences and learning of its teams into accessible, inspiring resources for adults working with young people. The following publications are all available from Leap.

Playing With Fire

Tackling Bullying

Promoting Positive Behaviour

Burning Issues

Making a Leap

“The Playing with Fire manual you sent me is sensational.”
- Steve Gielbeda, Inmate Co-ordinator – Victim Offender Programme, Sing-Sing Prison, New York

“Many, many thanks for all your help in making it possible for us to use Playing with Fire in our conflict transformation training in the Caucasus regional programme. The book is in my view one of the best resources for conflict transformation training with young people”
- Richard Shortlidge, Regional Director, Academy for Educational Development

“I may be doing some training and will recommend this book to participants. I have, as a drama therapist and facilitator, read many books. This covers every aspect of group work – very impressed."
- Drama therapist on “Making a Leap”