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Gangs and Territorialism

Leap’s Gangs and Territorialism project seeks ways to harness the energy and companionship of the gang into sources of new leadership and learning.

The project will develop active group work programmes, inspired by fresh and challenging thinking and underpinned by sound theory and engagement of young people. The project will:

  • Develop conflict resolution interventions with new and existing partner organisations around the UK. 

  • Disseminate skills and techniques through practitioner training and production of group work training materials. 

  • Enable young people's perspectives to be heard in policy making forums

The project is not only important for the young people directly involved, but also has strategic and policy implications for those working in criminal and restorative justice.

For more information about the Gangs and Territorialism project, please visit the Guardian website to see an article on the project by Raekha Prasad, published July 16th 2017 in Society Guardian, or download the article here (.pdf, NB this is a large file, 3.18MB, and may take some time to download).

"If you want to be famous, you have to be talented. If you want to be the toughest you have to join a gang”
- Youth gang member

“If there is a problem between the gangs we need to be able to resolve it amongst ourselves. Adults don’t need to get involved, but we do need the skills to be able to sort the conflict out.”
- Youth gang member

“You’re making headway on a lot of fronts by integrating social science research, outside intervention and indigenous empowerment.”
- Professor David Brotherton, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, University of New York City

For more information, please email gangs@leaplinx.com