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Youth Projects

Leap believes that all young people have the potential to be leaders, initiators, creators, mediators and problem solvers. Conflict work lies at the heart of creating positive, stimulating and supportive relationships with young people. They can then make empowered choices, which release their energy for giving service in the community, and help them to realise their potential.

Leap’s current youth projects are:

The Quarrel Shop: A London-based part-time training course for young volunteers in peer mediation and conflict resolution skills

The Young Mediators’ Network: The only national youth-led support network for young mediators

Gangs and Territorialism: action-research project: A pilot project mapping current approaches to street gang conflicts and developing practical approaches to severely marginalized young people on inner-urban estates

Confronting Conflict in Schools: Currently working with students and staff in schools in inner London

Leadership skills: Working with young offenders on remand and training prison officers