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Quarrel shop

The Quarrel Shop is a 6-month part-time training and volunteering course for young London-based volunteers aged 16 – 21 years.

The young people learn mediation, communication and conflict resolution skills using discussions, games, exercises and role-play. The training is followed by practice opportunities where the young people, supervised by an adult worker, design and run workshops on conflict resolution for other young people or facilitate mediation in a real situation.

The young people can gain an Open College Network-accredited certification at level 2 or 3 on completion of the course. The project was shortlisted for a Philip Lawrence Award in 2002, for encouraging active citizenship.

Youth Conflict Intervention Service

The Quarrel Shop will soon be launching a London-based Youth Conflict Intervention Service. For more information please download this leaflet (.pdf).

“I listen more. I learnt that if you listen and show an interest, people love to talk about themselves. […] You can learn a lot of useful things because when they do start talking, they let out everything […] You don’t have to ask them. They’ll tell you everything you want to know.”
- Quarrel Shop participant

For further information please email The Quarrel Shop or call Caroline on +44 (0)20 7272 5630.

The Quarrel Shop is very grateful to all of its funders, including:

Association of London Government

City Parochial Foundation